Summer Camp Helps Students Prepare For College

Are you a high school senior who can’t wait to get to college? College is fun, but it’s also a whole different world from high school. You’ll have more autonomy than ever before, but with autonomy comes responsibility. Here are some tips from the folks at Quantum U, the college prep camp for incoming college freshmen, that will help you get off to the right start when you go to college.

Get the most from your time in class

It’s as simple as S.L.A.N.T. Sit near the front and in the middle section of the classroom or auditorium. Lean slightly forward in your chair, as if you are hanging on the professor’s every word. Ask questions to clarify anything you don’t understand. Nod your head to show you are listening and interested. Talk to your professor after class to build rapport and establish a relationship.

Make the most of your study time

Try to design as optimum a study area as you can in your dorm. Ideally, it should include good lighting, a desk or table to work at, a comfortable chair, inspirational posters, and plants. It helps if you can play relaxing music softly in the background. Tackle the most difficult assignments first. Every thirty minutes take a short five-minute break. Take mini-breaks more often by standing up and stretching whenever you notice your mind wandering. Studies show that you remember best what you learned just before and just after a break so the more breaks, the more you learn!

Take the tension out of taking tests

Sometimes test-time jitters can ruin the time you spend studying and preparing. So, allow yourself enough time to get to class a few minutes early hurrying causes tension and mental crunches, and you can use the few extra minutes to review your notes one last time. Before and during the test, give yourself positive messages: I know this information and I’m going to get an A. If you feel yourself getting tense, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a relaxing scene, then refocus.

Discover the Power of This is it!

This is it! means making the most of every moment. It also means doing whatever it takes to make a subject interesting. Be creative! Some ideas include studying with a friend or relating the topic to something you already know or like. When you know something well, you almost always find it interesting.

Cultivate a Winning Attitude
Maintaining a positive attitude is your most important learning asset. You need to mentally prepare before any learning experience. Henry Ford said, If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you are right.

Remember the “F” Stands for Feedback

From infancy through adulthood, we learn through our mistakes. Remember to learn from the feedback you get from others, whether it is a failed test or a poor relationship. In your path to become an excellent college student, feedback is simply the information you need to succeed. Don’t forget that the “F” also stands for Failure leads to success!

Plan Ahead

Time management is one of the biggest challenges new college students face. Your life at college can be fragmented, intense and sometimes overwhelming: large classes, unstructured time, professors who all think their course is your one and only priority. A typical day, if there is such a thing, can include classes, library time, friends, work, maybe a workout in there somewhere. It’s definitely not high school. Use a calendar to mark days for tests or due dates of important papers. Studying ahead reduces stress and increases your ability to remember at test time.

Types of Summer Camp

When you think of summer camp, it is usually a mental image of the woods, a lake, canoes, and tents. Years ago, this is what it was like, but now there are several different types of programs available. The time spent away from home can vary with the type of program you pick. You can find programs for various interests or hobbies. Going away for part of the time they are out of school is something many kids enjoy and finding the right program makes it more fun for them.

Home at Night

If your child does not feel comfortable spending the nights away from home, you can find a program that is held during the day. Kids go and do crafts, play games, swim, canoe, and have fun during the day. Some are half-day programs and others are longer. Kids can have the best of both worlds by being gone during the day and home at night. Kids get the experience and fun of activities. They are not stressed by sleeping away from home.


The traditional summer camp is still very popular. Kids can go from one week up to six weeks. Cabins are usually where kids sleep in bunk beds or on cots. Some have tents for part of the trip to give kids a real outdoor experience. They have activities that are planned out for them and there is usually a schedule each day. Canoeing, swimming, art projects and sports are usually part of the traditional experience and fun.


There are programs that focus on the arts including music, painting, or theater. These are sometimes day programs but some are sleep away programs. Depending on the program kids learn and may have lessons in music or painting. They may have nature hikes, ride horses, and dance. Evening fires and sing-alongs may also be part of the experience depending on the program.


Academic programs offer various studies and activities that focus on learning. Nature studies, computers, science, or cooking may be offered at an academic program. Some of these programs are school related. The programs are available for all ages from elementary ages to pre-college students. For the kids who hate to miss school and want to learn, this is a good option.

One of the great things about summer camp is that there is one suited to every child. There are places that are close to home so kids will be home in their own bed each night. Other places are further away and kids can experience a new environment and traditional activities. The adventure of being away from home and meeting new friends is a thrill for some kids. Whether they go for one week or six weeks will depend on the child and the family circumstances.

Events to See in and Around Bath During August This Summer

For anybody thinking of visiting bath this summer, you will do well to head to the Spa City for an interesting mix of culture and entertainment. The Month of August will see no let up in the plethora of summer events in-store for those that want to visit the Historical city that has been influenced by both the Roman Empire and the Georgian period architecture.

Those of you who like horse events and are looking for a something a little different with a rural feel, why not head out for a day trip to “Gatcombe Park” and the “Festival of British Eventing” around the 5th to the 7th of August. Gatcombe Park is the private country palatial home of “HRH Princess Anne” and her family. The Gatcombe Park estate is synonymous with equestrian shows and horse eventing in the UK, it play’s host to the British Open, Intermediate and Novice Championships. This year’s event looks set to be a good weekend of top class horse eventing and there is a shopping village, a host of arena attractions and entertainment for all of the family, both young and old.

The very next day sees the start of the annual “Bath Folk Festival” which is hosted at various locations around the city of Bath, within many of the cities bars, clubs and theatre’s around the city during its two week duration. There will be a heady mix of new and old styles of folk music as well many old favourites and newcomers to the folk music scene. The programme includes concerts, classes and workshops celebrating folk music. For those of you wanting more why not head along to the folk “Summer school” with classes in Irish music which include: flute music, fiddle, guitar, tin whistle, button accordion, song craft and bhangra dance and Irish set dancing.

If you enjoy theatre and the arts, then you will be in for a real treat as playing at the Theatre Royal in Bath during August is the play of “The Madness of George III” written by the playwright Alan Bennett which has become one of his biggest hits. The production originally premiered in 1991 and went on to become an international theatrical sensation and it even went on to be adapted into an award-winning film in 1994. So it’s no wonder that it’s still a widely loved show. This is an epic production, with a large cast which combines drama, politics and humour into a vivid theatrical portrait of English history. This show is sure to be a hit in Bath for any seasoned theatre goers and newcomers alike of all ages, who enjoy some humour with there history.